We do not collect names, telephone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, or any other private and confidential information for the purpose of selling them to other companies. Please be assured that we hold your personal information in absolute confidence. One of our primary business functions is the protection and confidentiality of the information that you are generous enough to share with our company.


A deep respect for the privacy of our customers underlies every design element that captures information and we will never release it to any concern for the purpose of a solicitation not directly connected to our normal business efforts.  We may use the contact information you provide in your personal profile to reach you about your account and/or to send you necessary information directly related to the product(s) or service(s) for which you have registered. With your permission, we may use your contact information to inform you of new features and special offers. As part of the registration process, you have accept to receive information about other special offers and promotions directly related to business.

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